1. Security. There are four separate suites for each cat or cat family. The hotel itself is a separate room within a private residence. The hotel address is available to owners and viewers by contacting us. I look forward to meeting you and your cat. (This picture shows two of the suites)

2. Cleanliness. The suites are completely cleaned after each guest leaves, including the furniture and bedding. Feeding and litter box spaces are cleaned every day. The playroom is also cleaned daily.

3. Comfort. Each suite can be re-arranged to meet your cat’s particular needs. Special needs¬† are taken care of at no extra charge. This includes arranging extra privacy for nervous kitties, low incline ramps and lots of sleeping space for geriatric cats, administering medications on schedule, lots of extra toys and climbing spaces for very active cats. Every guest gets some time in the playroom. You are welcome to bring a small blanket or toy that will remind your cat of home.