Welcome to Kaatza Cat Hotel

Cowichan’s Boutique Hotel for Cats

Welcome to the Kaatza Cat Hotel. My name is Judith Quinlan and I have many years previous experience owning cat hotels, including That Cat Hotel in Honeymoon Bay and the Victoria Cat Hotel.

Kaatza Cat Hotel is a small hotel with four individual suites. Each suite has four floors, providing a litter box, an eating area, as well as play and sleeping areas. These can be re-arranged according to the needs of the individual cat. I serve the Duncan BC area with pickups if needed.

Once a cat has settled into its suite, there will be time out in the play area, at the window, or climbing around the entire room. 

I ask you to provide the food, as well as your cat’s feeding schedule.

All cats need to have up to date FVRCP vaccinations, be flea and worm free, and are spayed or neutered after 6 months. Any variation in these rules would require a vet’s approval.

Medications, including sub-dermal injections, are provided at no extra charge. I have St John’s Pet First Aid, the small animal care course at Thompson Rivers University, and an online course in pet psychology. I am also a retired Physiotherapist.

Registration can be made online, or I can mail you a paper form. Future bookings will only require vaccination updates. You can drop your cat off, close to Lake Cowichan, or I can do daytime pickups and drop-offs.